Nintendo Australia’s 3DS Ambassador Program Now PDF-Free

Nintendo Australia’s 3DS Ambassador Program Now PDF-Free

Nintendo’s making it just a little bit easier for Aussies to register your 3DS if you bought it before the August 11 cut-off date for the Ambassador program. Details after the jump.

It’s still not entirely clear (beyond “the end of 2011”) when the Ambassador program for free 3DS games for early platform adopters will actually deliver titles, but we’ve got some more detail today from Nintendo on how Australian consumers who bought consoles prior to the cut-off date but didn’t connect to the Nintendo Store with their 3DS prior to August 11th can still qualify. The need to download a PDF and fill it out is gone; instead you’ve just got to provide a little proof of your 3DS purchase.

First thing: If you’ve connected to the Nintendo store with your 3DS on or before August 11, you are indeed automatically registered. You can check this (as we’ve covered in the past) by going to the 3DS ambassador website and entering in your serial.

And if you’ve haven’t? The official word from Nintendo is that instead of filling out a PDF, customers just need to send in their store receipt (proof of purchase) dated 11th of August 2011 or earlier. Nintendo says that the details of location/price/retailer/date or purchase must be clearly legible and unaltered. Credit card statements or letters (even on a retailer’s letterhead) are not acceptable. Nintendo says it will also require the serial number of your 3DS as well as a contact name and email address. Make sure you photocopy your info, as Nintendo won’t return the receipts you send off.

3DS owners have until September 30 for their info to arrive at Nintendo. Once your info is received, it will take up to 8 weeks to activate you into the ambassador program.

The mailing address to send off your info is:

Attention: Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program
804 Stud Road
VIC, 3179