New York OkCupid Profiles Are Really Depressing

It's no secret there's a good population of arseholes on OKCupid, but here in New York, the online dating world boasts some particularly uncreative types: the guy who was "born and raised" listening to Dylan and the girl who is "obsessed with" Jay Z.

Yes, according to OKCupid's latest data batch, New Yorkers really like watching snarky mainstream TV, especially when it takes places smack dab in the Big Apple. Here are the top six words found in every person's profile, organised by sex:

Men 30 Rock Arrested Development Always Sunny in Philadelphia Bob Dylan born and raised my iPhone

Women 30 Rock True Blood Jay Z obsessed with ice cream wine

Pretty depressing! Guess that means true love in the city is knowing someone else who finds Liz Lemon's awkwardness just as charming as you do. Either that, or it's someone who will share a sad little bowl of Häagen-Dazs with you as "Hard Knock Life" bumps in the background. [Village Voice, Image: Shutterstock]

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