New Copper Underwear Eliminates Bacteria From Your Dirty Arse

Chilean company Monarch has developed new underwear that's made out of copper. And if that sounds uncomfortable, don't worry! It's totally not. Turns out copper can kill 99 per cent of the bacteria and fungi that "naturally" develops down there.

It's the sterilising effect of copper that works the cleansing magic. The copper underwear is made by merging copper with polyamide to produce an oil that's turned into wire. The wire is then woven inside your tightie whities so that the copper stays in contact with your skin so it can kill fungus and resist odour. So fresh and so clean! Of course, even if you do own copper boxers (or panties), please still wash them. It's not an excuse not to. [Guanabee via Geekologie]


    So that's fine for my dirty arse, but what about your dirty arse...?

    so one good fart and it oxidizes, then on i will have a green stained hiney

      Heh,.. you still have to scrape off the skid marks, otherwise that copper green oxidation will make it look really off..! #]

    Weren't these invented by Nicholas Coppernickers in the 16th century?

      Ha! +1 #]

    This isnt a new invention, the British armed forces apparently have been using nano silver technology infused underwear for years to make underwear stay clean for upto 3 months at a time.

      Well we all know how well known the British are for lathering up the soap and getting rid of built up scum. Anything to get out of having a bath!

    So - can these be incorporated into your local network? They look very attractive. How much do they charge?

    They keep telling the crooks to come clean. Explains all those copper thefts.

    I bought a pair of aussie Holeproof Explorer socks 4 or 5 years ago that were copper infused. NO difference in odour prevention and they're not holeproof, either.

      I have a pair of those to, bought them around the same time. Odour resisting? Yes. Hole proof? No way. Still the best socks ever, and comfy too.

    eugh. oh, the comments. I knew it was a bad idea to look at this story. But 'Dude' comment made me guffaw.

    It should come with a cable and plug to increase mobile reception during emergencies

    I have some of them too, they work well and still going strong, although I was a bit sceptical at first if they would work (love Explorer socks anyway though, so had nothing to lose). Check the holeproofexplorer site in Australia. Using metals like this is not uncommon, they also use silver in bandages as an antibacterial that actually promotes healing. I can attest that they work well, it was the only thing that stopped the staph infection I got after heart surgery!

      Thay was a reply to the socks comments above by the way, not the underwear!

    Wow that's quite something. And as yeast is a type of fungus (basically a single celled fungal organism) it may help with genital yeast infections.

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