Mysterious Minnesota Roadkill Identified

Found dead on the road, this unusual white creature captured the hearts and mind of the residents of Alexandria, Minnesota. Everyone had a theory about the origins of this mysterious animal.

Unfortunately, the puzzling story has come to a predictable end. Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources examined images of the roadkill and pegged the animal as a badger.

The dead giveaway is the animal's front feet which have five long claws just like a badger. As for its unique white colouring, its hairless body and unusual shape, they're all the result of decomposition.

Presumably, this poor animal died a while ago and its blood has long since left its body. Its hair fell out as it decayed and its hind quarters were likely mangled by a passing car. Too bad, it would have been much more exciting if it was the legendary Chupacabra. [Discovery News; image from KSAX]

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