More Kindle Price Cuts, New Android Kindles Coming?

More Kindle Price Cuts, New Android Kindles Coming?

Last week we learned that Woolworths, Dick Smith and Big W will soon start selling the 6-inch graphite Kindle 3. But now that Amazon has cut the price on returned/repackaged Kindle 3s to $US100 (Wi-Fi) and $US130 (3G), you have to wonder if those rumoured Android Kindles are just around the corner. Should you wait?

Purchased new (not refurbished) from Woolies, the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi will cost $159 (Wi-Fi) and $219 (3G). They’re also cheaper if you buy directly from Amazon. Technology is an evil mistress, though: there’s always something new just around the corner.

In this case, there are ongoing rumours of a new high-end 10-inch touchscreen Kindle powered by a Tegra 2 processor, in addition to a cheaper model, possibly with 7-inch display. Then there’s the army of Android tablets arriving soon to think about, see: What’s Next For Tablets: The Mega Rumour Roundup.

Though a tablet can serve as a reader, they’re also more expensive and not designed to maximise battery life or reduce eye strain. They’re two different beasts.

If you’re interested in the Kindle from Woolies, it will serve you well and you’ll be supported for some time. Amazon isn’t about to alienate such a large user base anytime soon. But if you’re looking to pick up a Christmas present early, it might be worth waiting just a month or so.

More on the new refurb pricing at: [Beyond Black Friday via SlashGear]