Lunchtime Deal: Facebook Check-In Deals Are Go!

There's a bunch of new deals rolling out today, but to access them, you'll need to "check-in" at store locations using Facebook Places (via or Facebook's app). KFC will give you a Krusher and regular chips for $4.95, 7-Eleven has a 450ML Coke for $1, Angus & Coote is offering 30 per cent of full-price jewellery, and Commonwealth Bank is doing a convoluted deal where you get free monthly movie passes for a year. Full details at [Lifehacker]


    Pass, Pass, Pass and Pass.

    Do not have Facebook, will not be signing up for cheap shit.

      Ah Glenn, C'mon be a sport

        It's kind of ironic, I don't have facebook yet I want to buy the HTC ChaCha, purely because it's the most adequate device for what I need (Android, full qwerty physical keyboard, standard size)... The Facebook features will not be used at all.

          I don't think that is irony.

    Glenn: Rebel

    What a commercial idea!

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