Logitech's New G300 Is $US40 Of Ambidextrous Awesome

I have wildly divergent needs from my mouse depending on whether I'm playing TF2, WoW or StarCraft. The upcoming G300 gaming mouse from Logitech aims to seamlessly handle all three from both sides of the keyboard.

The G300 supports three separate configuration profiles — three games or three people, however you prefer — which are conveniently colour-coded to avoid confusion when flipping load outs between rounds. It's got nine configurable buttons to match your play-style and fragging needs. It doesn't matter if you play left-handed or right-handed for a particular game, the lack of a thumb button means you just need to slide the mouse to the other side of your desk. It also features a 2500-DPI optical sensor that tracks both fast and slow movements on most surfaces for better precision when you need it and quicker acceleration when you don't. The G300 will retail for about $US40 when it's released in September. [Logitech via TechCrunch]

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