Lark Un-Alarm Clock Lightning Review: Don’t Wake Up Your Partner

Lark Un-Alarm Clock Lightning Review: Don’t Wake Up Your Partner

My iPhone’s alarm — which blares the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song — wakes up my girlfriend every morning (sorry honey!). Lark is a wristband alarm clock that won’t. In fact, it doesn’t even make a peep — it vibrates your wrist so it’s only you that gets up.


I’m not sure if I hate anything more than alarms. But I don’t hate Lark! It’s a lot gentler — the wristband vibrates you awake (the vibration constantly changes so your body never gets used to it). That slow buzz, which is less violent than your normal smartphone, gives you a much smoother rise, like being cooed and massaged versus being yelled at. The real magic of Lark though? The stats. You can see your sleep quality rating, how long you slept, how many times you woke up and more. For numbers obsessed people who wish there were statistics to everything in life, this is absolutely awesome. You’re going to get addicted to tracking your sleep every night.

Lark Un-Alarm Clock
Price: $US130

No Like

Surprise! Wearing a wristband the size of an oversized watch to sleep takes some getting used to. For the first few days, my wrist felt weighed down by handcuffs but it’s hardly noticeable now (a smaller version still wouldn’t hurt though). The stupid indicator light stays on throughout the night for some reason. The stats, which are awesome, could be more informative (REM, deep sleep, etc), but that would require different technology. The wristband itself is dumber than you’d like: there’s no buttons or options, everything is controlled app side. And as nice as vibrations are, I didn’t always wake up right away (there’s a backup audio alarm).

Last Word

If you’re super interested in keeping track of your sleep stats and want to be considerate to your bed partner, Lark definitely delivers.