It's OK To Admit You Want To Live In Architect Barbie's Mansion

Did you know Barbie's had over 120 careers since 1959? Along with dabbling in computer engineering, she's also planning a big move into architecture this Australian spring — but obviously she'll need an eco-friendly cantilever mansion to call her own.

Like England's Balancing Barn, Barbie's four-storey dream mansion (which is being manufactured by Mattel to coincide with the new Barbie's launch later this year) is designed to balance off a steep incline.

While Mattel will sell Architect Barbie's Dream House, it was actually designed by Ting Li and Maja Parklar for a competition to crowdsource the perfect design. And while it's Barbie-pink, it appears to have all the hallmarks of good architecture. It even includes a meditating room, if Barbie has enough time in her diary between lunching with Ken and cocktails with the girls.

As you will have clocked, Barbie's developed quite an eye for the environment, even if her own lineage isn't so eco-friendly. While it's only a miniature plastic palace, it's been designed to USGBC standards, with a green roof, solar panels and bamboo floors. Plus there's plenty of outdoor space for Barbie's pet giraffe, seemingly. [Architect Barbie competition via Inhabitat]

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