It Costs $US23,000 To Get Your Peen Snipped In The US

It Costs $US23,000 To Get Your Peen Snipped In The US

Hospitals are already so ridiculously overpriced that I’m surprised I’m even surprised about this, but according to a new father, a hospital in Boston quoted him $US23,000 for a circumcision procedure for his son.

His son was born in a birth centre so he couldn’t get circumcised at birth. So when he called Mass General in Boston, Massachusetts, they gave him the ridonkulous price.

In his words:

When I called Mass General to get a quote on the price, I got the following: $US23,000 (includes Facility, Physician, Anesthesia)

This procedure is less than 30 minutes; the doctor himself even stated that this is one of the easiest procedures. I’ve researched prices for other countries and found a high of $US1200.

A foreskin saved is 23 grand in your pocket? [Cynical-C via BoingBoing, Image Credit Ljupco Smokovski/Shutterstock]