HP TouchPad Australian Price Cuts!

So on Tuesday I complained that HP's TouchPad was simply too expensive in Australia, especially given cheaper US pricing. Maybe HP is listening because they've just slashed local pricing by $100, effectively immediately. But it's not all good news.

The 16GB TouchPad is now $499, and the 32GB model is $599. That's definitely more favourable against the 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2, which costs $580 and $690, respectively.

The catch (and isn't there always one?): HP has also further reduced pricing in the US. There, each TouchPad costs $100 less than in Australia (from Harvey Norman). Economies of scale, GST, shipping costs…whatever. That sucks, and certainly won't help to discourage users buying it online.

HP continually evaluates pricing for its products and is pleased to offer a permanently reduced price on the HP TouchPad products effective immediately. Now consumers can have all the benefits of webOS — multitasking, Synergy and Just Type starting price from $499 (inc GST). This move will help bring the HP TouchPad and webOS to a larger audience, benefitting consumers and developers.

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