HP Execs Had No Idea What Was About To Happen With WebOS

Down the rabbit hole we go, to where tablets last six weeks on the market, great mobile OS's are put out to pasture before their time, and HP executives are not told of doomed tablets until days before their demise.

It's the world of HP's consumer-side business, and it's looking rather uncomfortable at the moment if we're to believe a new report that claims former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein and Todd Bradley, the head of HP's Personal Systems Group, knew nothing of the TouchPad or webOS's demise until last Sunday.

That's correct! The main man behind webOS at the moment, Rubinstein, and the man who lent a helping hand to get the Palm/HP deal done last year knew nothing of the company's plans for its consumer division until a week ago. Not exactly the track I would take with my billion-dollar year-old acquisition, but I'm certainly no high-powered tech executive. What do I know?

As for Rubinstein and Bradley, their futures appear to be as uncertain as HP's consumer business. [All Things D]

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