How 28 Flash Mobbers Rob A 7-Eleven In Under A Minute

Usually, people showing at flash mobs do some kind of artsy fartsy performance in a public place, summoned by viral tweets or Facebook status. These people did the same thing and robbed a 7-Eleven in the US in under a minute.

Watch the videos.


    So how aren't they looters or just plain thieves? I don't really think the phrase "flash mob" is that relevant here.

      Thats what I was thinking, they just look like a group of *non racial stereotype* people walking in and stealing a bunch of crap

    Ms Prime Minister, there has been a recent uptake in using messaging and social media to organise crimes.


    And.... they're all black.
    Maybe (just saying this, but MAYBE) it wasn't a flashmob....

    Why even bother? They're just stealing chips and candy and softdrink. If 28 people walked in and robbed a bank I could see why you'd organise and plan and all get on facebook to work out tactics. But $10 worth of mixed lollies and a can of coke? people are stupid.

    My wife and I went to New York on holiday back in 1997. Went into a drug store to buy something, and on our way out a group of young guys was heading in. The store security guard went to head them off, and was surrounded by about half a dozen of them distracting him while the rest started grabbing stuff. We saw one guy walk out with a carton of batteries.

    Nothing new, and it doesn't need Facebook - just gang membership.

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