HDI's 3D Projectors Have No Business Looking As Good As They Do

HDI thinks they're on to something special with their 3D laser projector. The HDI 3D is equipped with two full-resolution imagers, which means that it can project a 3D, 1920x1080 image without having to alternate frames.

Most home 3D display technologies make concessions in resolution or framerate to deliver a 3D picture. The HDI 3D does not. This means no flickering, headache-inducing active shutter glasses (just the passive polarised ones you get in movie theatres). And in theory, it also means the picture will be smooth, bright and beautiful.

The HDI 3D comes in three models (120, 200 and 300), each number corresponding to the screen size it can support (the 300 model can project a 300-inch image). HDI also plans to release the projector in six amazing designs, and if they look half as good as these renders, they'll be a sight to behold. And they better look good, considering pricing for these beasts begin at $US55,000 and top out at $US80,000. [HDI via Engadget]

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