Fukushima Plant Now Leaking Highest Radiation Levels Since Tsunami

In case you forgot, one of the worst disasters since the advent of nuclear energy is still underway. And although the initial shock has worn off, the radiation levels sure haven't: TEPCO measured 10,000 millisieverts/hour — that's fatal.

This figure's 3900 times higher than the naturally occurring cosmic radiation we soak up every year — only it's leaking from the paralysed plant every hour. These levels disperse dramatically with distance — so, say, Tokyo isn't in any danger — but the news should be startling, and proof that the plant is still an enormous hazard to the people of Japan, who are still grappling with contaminated beef, poisoned by the haemorrhaging reactor. [NHK via @Joi]

Photo: Getty/Athit Perawongmetha

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