Facebook Pregnancy Announcements Are A Terrible Idea

As someone who lost two babies, I can't imagine anything worse that announcing a pregnancy on Facebook. But that's what Zuck and his cronies just did.

Now you can add a "new family member" that hasn't been born yet, even with a due date. Because, you know, that's exactly what you want to do, tempt fate by announcing your not-yet-born child. [The Mary Sue]


    People announce it in real life so why not on Facebook?

    Next they could tag the father if the person is not 100% sure who the daddy is. that way it be a new way to announce umm i am preggers and i think your the dad?

    I don't really see what the problem here is.

    Should i tempt fait by inviting people to my next birthday party even though it hasn't happened yet.

    Seems to be implying that facebook did this just to be evil. Yeah right.

    Sorry to hear about your pain, Jesus. Losing a baby is an awful, terrible thing. I can understand that it would make you feel a little wary of telling others, too. :(

    Not all that different from updating you status with "We're Pregnant", though. Which is quite common.

    Still creeps me out a little though.

    I personally don't see a problem with this, as already stated, it's no different to putting it on a wall post.

    I can understand your take on this Jesus, and I am sorry to hear about that, it can't be easy on you.

    *You are not the father .gif *

    Anybody who does this is an idiot. This is purely so that FB can do more targeted advertising and diversify their advert portfolio. Don't be a zucker, knowledge is power, don't give it away freely.

      Better than giving more advertising ammunition to old google.

      Yeah. How rubbish to get appropriate advertisements to my needs. Much better to receive adverts about online dating and how to find out my credit rating...

      That said - you are right to be careful about what information you provide and to who. But I think that targetted advertising is actually a positive consequence of information sharing.

      Still I have never once clicked on an advert in Facebook as it happens. Has anyone here?

    I dont see the harm in it.

    i can understand the stupidity in announcing it in the first trimester, but like everyone's already said, this is no different to writing it on your wall, or God forbid, telling people via text message, phone call or in person!

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