Facebook Now Wants To Put Ads In Your Personal Feed

Facebook Now Wants To Put Ads In Your Personal Feed

Forget about the top 10 reasons you should quit Facebook. Heck, forget about all the other reasons too because this is the new definitive reason why you will quit Facebook: Zuckerberg now wants to put ads directly in your feed!

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook wants to put advertising in your News Feed. The News Feed is the stream of information that you see when you get into Facebook. It’s populated by status, images, posts and all the activities from your best friends.

If they go through with this plan, your new best friends would be car manufacturers, the latest stupid Hollywood movies and some underpants brand. Worst of all, you would not be able to hide those advertisers forever. It seems that Facebook is thinking about taking away the ability to filter those ads, just like when you hide the posts from friends who are not really your friends.

You know, I was going to write a long rant detailing why this potential feed ad clusterzuck is all shades of wrong, but I won’t. This could be so damn annoying that the only thing I want to write is “F**k you, Facebook.” So:

F**k you, Facebook.

There. [WSJ via The Atlantic Wire]