Electric MonoTracer On Sale For That Tron Experience

Looking more like a Tron Lightcycle than any motorbike you've ever seen before, the Swiss MonoTracer has been electrified for the new MonoTracer-E model, which still fits two people for a comfortable, eco-friendly ride.

Manufacturer Peraves has added lithium-ion batteries for that jolt of electricity, with a full charge reportedly being enough for 300km if average speeds are 100km/hr. If you don't mind forsaking some of your journey for speed, it can be revved up to 250km/hr.

On sale this year for €80,000 ($114,600), the MonoTracer-E is actually down in Guinness Book of World Records fame as being the fastest and most efficient electric vehicle so far—even if some people have difficult driving it. [Peraves via WIRED UK]

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