Does A Waterproof Tablet Make Any Sense At All?

Does A Waterproof Tablet Make Any Sense At All?

When we first saw Fujitsu’s Arrows Tab F-01D, we were nonplussed. The guts are completely standard, but it’s waterproof! You know we’re totally wet for waterproof phones (for good reason!), but tablets? Hmm. Does the world need this? Do you?

The immediate response is a stiff No. No, I don’t need a waterproof tablet, because unlike your phone, it isn’t really susceptible to the same aquatic carnage. You don’t tote them around in your pocket. You don’t whip them out in the rain. Tablets are portable, but not pocketable, and that cuts your risk down a hell of a lot.

But is waterproofing just about risk? What about the wonderful wet world that might be out there for you and your tablet of choice, if only it could survive some squirting?

A tablet in the tub? We like to read in the bath, after all.

A tablet on a boat? Paired with a wireless hotspot, it’d be a killer maritime mapping device.

A tablet for camping? See above.

Getting some work emails fired off while floating in the pool sounds nice to me. I mean, I’d need a pool first, but you know.

What do you think? Is a waterproof tablet just as necessary as a hardened handset, or a frivolity? [Engadget]