Do You See The Gigantic Sperm Floating Around Brazil's 2016 Olympic Village?

Brazil has just announced that AECOM will design Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Olympic Village. Their plan, which looks and sounds great, also happens to have a gigantic sperm splicing the village in half. Do you see it?

The sperm head is the circular, grassy area floating on the water. The sperm tail, as you'll now never unsee, extends into the rest of the Village and is wavy and squirmy just like you'd expect. I'm not imagining things, am I? Kudos to AECOM for spicing up the Olympics. After all, they do say the Olympic Village is ground zero for orgytastic, sperm-ridding behaviour.

Ignoring the big sperm road for a second, the Olympic Park will be over 1.8 million square metres and host 15 Olympic events. AECOM's chief architect Bill Hanway says that their Olympic Village design takes care of separating athletes and audience, handles logistics for transportation and parking and hypothetically, will leave the city in good position to use the space after the Olympics. As we've seen in China, Olympic stadiums often become useless after the sportstravaganza is over.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure my juvenile self will laugh every time NBC shows Rio's village on TV. [Arch Daily]

The Olympic Village in 2030. 12 year after the Rio olympics.

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