China Sends Army, Missile Launchers To Protect University Sports

The World University Games aren't a particularly big deal to most. A pretty marginal athletic competition, by global athletics competitions. Unless you're China, in which case you mobilise a military force capable of overtaking a small country for security.

This year's games are being held in Shenzhen "We Build iPods Here" China, at a stadium that looks like something from your local high school. But that didn't stop the People's Liberation Army Air Force from defending the hell out of it, China defence Blog reports: HQ-9 SSM missile launchers, 57mm anti-aircraft guns, and WZ-9 attack helicopters. Plus a lot of infantry.

Nothing like a good ol' fashioned needless display of military power. I swear to God, if anyone touches this discus, we're going to fuck your shit up. [China defence Blog]

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