China Selling Cannibal Pills Filled With Dead Baby Powder?

A South Korean TV station brings us this delightful report: Chinese pharmaceutical companies buying baby corpses from hospitals, grinding them into pills, and then selling them as stamina boosters. Feel free to gag uncontrollably now and then keep reading.

According to the documentary created by South Korean SBS TV, the baby material comes from stillborn births and abortion clinics, and is produced by a microwave drying process. Well! Time to retch again. The dead baby pill trade is also bringing in a lot of cash for those involved — understandably, as I would imagine it takes a lot of hush money in the Can I take these dead baby fetuses from your hospital and sell them exchange.

SBS claims a DNA test found 99.7% human stuff crammed inside the tablets — which Google disturbingly translates as "man capsules" — and was fresh enough to distinguish gender. This is probably the most revolting thing I've ever read, so hey, we can all go to sleep tonight knowing we accomplished at least that much. Now if only there were a baby pill that would erase my brain and destroy everything involved in this story. [New Daily via Geekosystem]

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