China Selling Cannibal Pills Filled With Dead Baby Powder?

A South Korean TV station brings us this delightful report: Chinese pharmaceutical companies buying baby corpses from hospitals, grinding them into pills, and then selling them as stamina boosters. Feel free to gag uncontrollably now and then keep reading.

According to the documentary created by South Korean SBS TV, the baby material comes from stillborn births and abortion clinics, and is produced by a microwave drying process. Well! Time to retch again. The dead baby pill trade is also bringing in a lot of cash for those involved — understandably, as I would imagine it takes a lot of hush money in the Can I take these dead baby fetuses from your hospital and sell them exchange.

SBS claims a DNA test found 99.7% human stuff crammed inside the tablets — which Google disturbingly translates as "man capsules" — and was fresh enough to distinguish gender. This is probably the most revolting thing I've ever read, so hey, we can all go to sleep tonight knowing we accomplished at least that much. Now if only there were a baby pill that would erase my brain and destroy everything involved in this story. [New Daily via Geekosystem]

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    Other mammals will eat their still-born and young (ie. mice) even up to a few days old for nourishment; why should humans not make the most of lost offspring? Embryonic stem cell research, which goes without saying has the potential to help many, also depends on this.

      Straight off the freaking bat - you're on fire!

      I guess the main reason people are going to argue with you is the fact that as humans, we have a far more advanced moral system in place. (People will say) All life is precious, and those that have lost that life deserve respect.

      Having said that, I agree with what you're saying. Just wanted to get in there before the trumpeteers take the moral high ground.

      Gee None! Human learn to avoid eating each other very early in our social evolution, beside from the taboo it is also detrimental to our health. Tribe/Clan which practice this die out because of desease associated with it. Stem cell reseach is a totally different arguement, stem cell can be taken from adult subject, it is controversial when creating embryo for sole purpose of harvesting stem cell then discard the embyo after use.

        Cannibalism still takes place today, so your arguement is void.

          Sorry bud, look up Kuru as one example of the unhealthy habit of eating your mates. The risk is real and valid.

          Cannibalism occurs today due to insanity or extremely obscure tribal practices that have almost completely died out.

          As mentioned, Kuru causes insanity in cannibals, and is essentially human mad cow disease (itself, caused by feeding cows ground-up, inedible portions of other cows in industrial feed lots).

      This is not even the slightest bit even analogous to stem cell research. One is cutting-edge work to find solutions to previously incurable illnesses but is facing stiff opposition due to cultural taboo.

      THIS is _possibly_ (I'm still not certain if this is real or bullshit story) people consuming dead baby powder for 'stamina' in the vein of traditional herbal remedies like bear bile supposely increasing vigour with NO scientific basis.

      You're insane.

    Soylent Green!

      LOL .. What a clasic!
      "...They're making our food out of people. Next thing they'll be breeding us like cattle for food. You've gotta tell them. You've gotta tell them!"

    Guns don't eat people. People eat people.

    Be interested to see the report in a couple days withdrawing this claim, and making clear it was part of South Korean anti-China propoganda.

      I'm not even sure if this is real either. It's so outrageous that it comes off as a huge propagandist hoax in the vein of WWII-style propaganda (JAPS EAT BABIES! JOIN THE ARMY!).

    I'd imagine some people buying this could have mental issues not dissimilar to canabilists and that this would encourage similar types if behavior. I doubt there are any significant positive affects these pills would have that you couldn't receive from more legitimate animal byproducts. And I'm sure the subject could be used for more beneficial scientific purposes. I won't start on the moral implementations.

    Is it wrong that I instantly thought og the song 'Dead Babies' by Alice Cooper whilst reading this?

    Pro's, Con's,.... It's friggin wrong, OK,.. not on!! God I hope this is a hoax! #[

    Funded by Tom Cruise and the Scientology research department...

    If this does indeed turn out to be true, you've got to wonder about the guy who first thought of the idea and the conversation where he was pitching the idea to the second guy.

    "I've got this great new business plan! You know how there's hundreds of babies dying every month, well why do we let them go to waste? We buy them cheap (after all they don't work anymore) and grind them up into a powder and sell them in pill form. For STAMINA!!"

    Do you:

    A) Back away slowly, calling the police as soon as you exit the room


    B) Get out your chequebook and buy 20000 shares of this exciting new company

    There's got to be cheaper ways to produce scam pills than this, I mean dried mushrooms or something ground into powder has to be cheaper than a baby, even one thats not in 'as new' condition

    disturbing, even before the inevitable NMANews clip on it

    "Produced by a microwave drying process."

    From that I call bs.


    I'm flabbergasted because this is not an accidental or isolated crime commited by a sexual outsider or any kind of mentally disturbed person but an everyday industrial activity involving probably hundreds of producers and consumers.Is it real? Well, you couldn't make this up. It would take extremely wild imagination.

    imagine working at the place that did this :S *SPEW*

    "These red pills are made up of rotten carrots, the blue ones are from fresh, delicious carrots"

    I heard the pills made out of actual live babies stolen from hospitals are only 4x more expensive. Seems like a much better deal than eating ones made of defective babies.

    I feel like this post is like SAW3 .. it just needed to be 1 upped. I hope it isn't true.

    I sympathise with the Klingon view of death. And I have a bat'leth to fend off moral oppressors.

    Come at me you pieces of self righteous baktag!

    Finally something for china to do with all those baby girls.

    What disgusts me is that i find pills hard to swallow, i much prefer a syrup style medication.

    Or maybe get in before the drying process starts, and only slightly microwave them. This would be more energy efficient and we could possibly end up with a chunky soup instead which could be just as healthy?

    Perhaps they'll lay off the tiger penises for a while and eat babies instead, then demand will outstrip supply and they'll start using live babies...thus population gets more control and tigers get a 2nd chance? Well done Chinese Medicine, you've found the solution to the problem that is yourself.

    first of all, I m chinese and this has to be one of the most disgusting news I have seen in years.

    second of all, I can assure you that this is definitely not part of the chinese culture nor tradition. I have not even heard of this shit being done before.

    also, traditional chinese medicine is only suppose to use herbs (maybe very very limited animal parts) and it is actually quite effective. So all the bear bile, shark fin, snake bile and now this baby pill thing is simply gimmicks to rip under-educated people who are willing to pay for it.

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