Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

UK Prime Minister’s Anti-Tech Crackdown: Stupid, Useless, Wrong Cutting off Twitter, Facebook, and BlackBerry Messenger BBM is an infringement upon an entire society — not just the destructive malcontents.

Acer’s Ultrabook And 7-inch Tablet Hit Australia Next Month Is this that super-slim Ultrabook that looked a lot like the MacBook Air? Could be.

HTC Buys Beats: All Your Bass Are Belong To Them The speakers on HTC phones and tablets will start sounding a lot better

When Will Apple Integrate These Pico Projectors It Just Patented? Pico-projectors headed to next iPhone or iPad?

Every Horrible Wrinkle Is Visible In Microsoft’s 3D Modelling Software Microsoft’s 3D modelling is the most advanced ever built.

What If Samsung Stopped Supplying Parts For The iPhone 4? Here's a breakdown of how it would look.

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