Bedphones Work With Your Android To Lull You To Sleep

I like to fall asleep to Coltrane. I don't like falling asleep with headphones on. You can't adjust the volume to a more soothing level as you doze. But with Bedphones and its accompanying app, you can drift off more comfortably.

There are already plenty of sleep headphones out there, and Bedphones don't pretend to be the most high end out there. They're not supposed to be. It's the app that really sets it apart. It comes with three modes: basic mode; timer mode; and smart mode. Basic mode turns your phone into a big play/pause button and timer mode sets a timer for when you want your music to shut off. But smart mode actually shuts the app down by detecting how much you're moving. Pretty cool. Check out the headphones for $US30. The Bedphones app is free. [Bedphones via Engadget]

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