BART Riders Have No Right To Free Speech, Says Spokesjerk

Like most days, there was a protest in San Francisco yesterday where people said silly things. But atypically, this one was semi-organizsd by hacker collective Anonymous. Also unlike most San Francisco protests, there was sort of a point to it.

Monday's protest was a reaction to BART cutting off mobile phone service during a previous protest last week. Which, according to BART is no big deal.

Exceptionally bad-at-his-job BART spokesperson Linton Johnson justified the cut-off by explaining that your constitutional protections don't apply on BART platforms.

"Outside the fare gates, that's the public forum area. Inside the fare gates is a non-public forum and by law, by the Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court, there is no right to free speech there."

Johnson did not say whether or not the agency has plans to quarter soldiers at your house. [via]

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