Barefoot Bandit's Crazy Crime Spree To Become A Movie

Remember Colton Harris-Moore aka The Barefoot Bandit? The now 20 year old was captured in the Bahamas last year after leading North American police on a 2 year chase as he stole cars, bikes, boats — even small aircraft — often sans shoes. No surprise to hear 20th Century Fox has now forked out $1.3M to option film rights…but why is the Academy Award winning writer of Milk attached to write the screenplay?

First up, Harris-Moore is facing up to 10 years prison time, and his guilty plea deal states that all funds will go to his victims. Possibly also those of his "associate" partner in crime: a young guy by the name of Harley Davidson Ironwing. Yes that's his real name, not a 70s porn film. Though speaking of porn…The Seattle Weekly, in digging through court affidavits, reports that Harris-Moore and or Ironwing are alleged to have broken into a home, and fraudulently purchased Evidence Eraser software and a membership to gay porn site

Make of that what you will, but now Dustin Lance Black, screenwriter, director, and LGBT rights activist is apparently writing the first draft — with either Zac Efron or Michael Cera rumoured to star. [Time]

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