Australia's OHKI Expands Into Home Appliances, Inspired By Kogan?

Local online retailer OHKI is probably best known for its discount rebadged HDTVs. It also sells cameras and speakers (and now kitchen gadgets). But unlike Kogan, OHKI sells tech from other brands, too: Sony, Altec Lansing, and now Breville and Kambrook.

It's certainly Kogan-esque territory (as is OHKI's use of Kogan's old PR agency), but the two are very different businesses. OHKI is morphing into a kind of one stop shop. That aspect isn't lost on OHKI's co-founder, Lucas McEntee, who reckons "Australians are demanding cheaper products, but they also want the ability to shop, browse and compare products in the one place."

Being a business, of course he's going to say that. Me? I'll still be checking Google,, and OzBargain before I make any tech purchases. What about you? [OHKI]


    Er.... The link at the bottom of the story sends me to a web store that sells regular brand coffee machines no cheaper than anywhere else.

    If the story isn't this place paid you to write this, I can't guess what it could be.

    maybe inspired by millennius who has home appliances.

    ohki store is really not cheap at all on the name brands...

    I know this is late but here I am.

    Looking on the OHKI site I see the Apple remote is on special for $25.90 down from $29.90.
    I assume shipping costs are extra but I don't know for sure as I can only calculate shipping by signing up as a customer.

    The online Apple Store has the same Apple remote available for $20.00 with free shipping.

    So... first impressions - this site is a bloody rip off!

    Most of these products seem cheaper than myer david jones and Dicksmith websites. Free shipping on some items and would be better if it was on all items though. I'd support OHKI before i'd buy of a large retailer that has been over charging for years

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