An Early Aussie Look At Asus' Eee Pad Slider

We've already seen video of Asus' Eee Pad Slider in action, and it feels like forever that we've been waiting for an official release date for the nifty pop-out tablet concept. Over at Aussie blog Ritchie's Room, Ritchie's managed to get a first look at the retail packaging, as well as a suggestion as to when you might be able to buy one. Ritchie doesn't offer a comparative review, strictly speaking — it's more of a hands-on opinion on the Slider — but the pictures tell the story that we didn't know upfront, especially when it comes to the retail presentation. Ritchie also ends the article on an interesting note; while we've been waiting to hear official word from Asus on exactly when the Slider will launch, he ends the piece stating that you could be in line to buy one "later this month". I'm not sure if that tip is on the money, especially as it's the end of August. [Ritchie's Room]

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