Amazon Bypasses Apple's New iOS Rules With Kindle Cloud Reader

If you were wondering how Amazon was going to get around Apple's new rule banning developers from linking to their own stores from within an iOS app, here's your answer: an optimised web-browser Kindle reader, for iPads.

It's not just for iPads though — Amazon's stated it will work on both Chrome and Safari, meaning you could read your Kindle books from the cloud on all sorts of computers as well. It works by pulling your books from the cloud and rendering them in HTML5, and also lets users download new books and read them offline. TechCrunch, which broke the news about the Kindle Cloud Reader, has reported that "it feels like a native app, but it's not."

The wonderful news about the Cloud Reader is that there's nothing Apple can do about it, so fill yer boots, ladies and germs. [Kindle Cloud Reader via TechCrunch]

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