Adobe's CreatePDF Creates PDFs For iOS

Adobe just released CreatePDF for iOS. It's supposed to be an Adobe Acrobat equivalent in terms of creating PDF files on your iPhone or iPad. According to Adobe, it'll make PDFs that look "exactly" like your original files.

The files CreatePDF can convert PDF files from are: • MS Word (docx, doc), Excel(xlsx, xls), PowerPoint (pptx, ppt) • Adobe Illustrator (ai), Photoshop (psd) and InDesign (indd) • Images — JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF • RTF, Text and WordPerfect • OpenOffice and StarOffice documents

The app works by hitting the Share button in iOS, you just send your desired file to CreatePDF and it'll do all the legwork to create a pretty PDF for you. It costs $10.49, which is expensive, but it's universal on iPhone and iPad, and spits out quality PDFs. [iTunes via MacStories]

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