A Mouse Made For Drug Dealers

What kind of person needs a scale in their mouse? A small-time hustler, obviously. Brando's mouse offers a kind of discrete simplicity that any drug dealer could appreciate.

Selling drugs is wrong. Just wanted to get that out of the way before I said this mouse could help you get away with it. Underneath its smooth enclosure is a small digital scale. It can measure up to 500g, more than enough to accurately measure and keep track of a small supply. Because think about it. Would your average Joe have any use for this? No. So I think Brando knew exactly what they were doing here. $US22. [Brando via Coolest Gadgets]


    Not the best for most things as it only measures to .1 instead of .01

      How do you know that? Maybe it's just been designed so that it removes the unneccasary zero, which is the most logical thing to do.

    i disagree. From a forensics perspective, traces of cocaine will not just be left on your greasy palms, they will also transfer all over your keyboard and your desk. Police will have a field day.
    The hygiene is an issue. with all the crap inside drugs, imagine a whole bunch of that being constantly rubbed on your skin. tell me that's good.
    this mouse is made to get the patent and discontinue it. no other reason.

    Voice of experience logical?

    >> Although I agree with your logic

    Would have a cover over the scaled bit.

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