YouTurn Brings Car-Style Turn Signals To Bicycles

If you're a "biker" you probably know what hand turn signals mean and use them daily. But if the people behind you don't know them, they're essentially useless. That's where the YouTurn turn signaling glove comes in.

The YouTurn has a built in accelerometer that detects your hand signals and activates the corresponding LED arrow blinker.

It is currently in the proof-of-concept stage but your $US50 Kickstarter contribution will buy you a finished production model when it is released. The finished version will be a hand attachment as opposed to the current one-piece glove+light combination. That way you can use whatever glove you like (or just roll barehanded) and be able to take it off when you're done. In the meantime, just continue being emphatic with your unlit hands knowing that help is on its way. [Kickstarter via Engadget]

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    Why the hell don't they just stick out their right hand for a right hand turn. I always did and guess what, people knew what the hell I was indicating.

    WTF...? I've ridden bikes for years, and never had to stick out my hand to turn!! That's what the bloody turn signals are for!!

    That looks rather uncomfortable. Imagine riding around with an LED blinker in your hand while trying to hold onto the handle bars. Why not just make a blinker unit that attaches to the bike frame?

    EckyThump: pushbikes not motorbikes. Read the article. It's an indicator. (ba-dum TISS)

      Aaahrg,... I really have to start taking more notice of the bleeding obvious parts of some of these posts!! Either that or get a pair of those new fangled dyslexia glasses... #}

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