World's Tallest Mobile Crane Is Also World's Strongest

The blades of the world's biggest wind turbine don't just sprout from the impeller like leaves. And at 364 tons, you'll need a pretty hefty crane - like the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1. It's is strong enough to lift three of them simultaneously.

The LTM 11200-9.1 is both the the strongest and tallest telescopic crane in the world, lifting up to 1200 tons (that's 12 adult Blue Whales). Its eight-part telescoping boom extends up to 100m (15m taller than the last record holder) and, with the addition of a lattice jib, has a maximum lift height of 192m, more than 50 storeys high! Though, despite its 445,000 pounds of counter-weight, when the LTM 11200 is picking up over 900,000kg, it can only extend about 2.4m laterally without tipping.

The crane is powered by a separate 6-cylinder 240kW engine (in addition to the 500kW engine that runs the 20m, 9-axle carrier). Its 100-ton boom is as long as the truck itself and actually has to be shipped separately when moving job sites. Luckily, the carrier isn't much wider than a normal big rig, which means that it can travel where other large cranes can't - like into fields, where the wind turbines live.

[Liebherr - Turner Brothers LLC]

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    Before my stint in the Army, I was a crane driver, so they have a special attraction for me. Even though this beast is impressive, there are higher cranes that are mobile! they generally have a massive lattice Jib, which is much lighter than an extension boom, and they can lift heavier weights. I believe 'Big Blue' which had a very serious accident a few years ago comes into that category! They run on tracks, which are able to cope with softer ground than extension cranes. Still very cool though. #]

      i think they mean mobile as in it will drive to the site then drive home.. haha. i know what you mean we had a massive crane on site lifting our 63m absorber tower into position (in 2 halves), it was on tracks and could move, but it was built on site, one track filled an entire semi trailer so all in all it would have been about 50 semi's worth of parts and then used cranes almost as big as this one to build it. Very impressive watching the lift though, so high up and so much weight suspended.. Incredible shit

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