Vladimir Putin Giving Away iPad 2 For Stripping Female Supporters

American politics: birth certificates, frenzied debates over evolution, looming debt ceiling apocalypse. Russian politics: Putin supporters stripping online for a chance to win an iPad 2. One ticket to Moscow, please.

Vladimir Putin, Russia's perma-leader, former KGB badass, race car-driving, bear-strangling, rifle-wielding, javelin-hurdling, concrete-chomping Kremlin King wants to be president again. And Putin gets what he wants. But just to be sure, his party's kicked off a campaign to shore up popular support by getting women to take off their clothes for an iPad 2. If this technology had been around 50 years ago, I shudder to think how the Cold War would have ended. Probably with Khrushchev sending JFK a dick pic MMS. [via Telegraph]

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