Turns Out Plenty Of Girls Use Google+ After All

Fellow geeks, rejoice! What was once believed to be a cesspool of men and sausage is now teeming with female life! That's right, lads—Google+ has a sizable female presence after all!

If you'll remember, the numbers as reported last week were less than balanced. Early estimates, as seen here and elsewhere, pegged Google's new social networking service with a nearly 90-10 split of guys to girls. Not exactly healthy!

But not so fast. Firstly, many Giz readers stood up and said I use Google+, and I have girl parts. Secondly, fresh research from Ancestry.com that utilized a "surname-based random sampling" method revealed that Google+ is only about 66.4% male. The network is quickly equalizing: Three days before the 66.4% number was spit out, the network was 77% male.

There's still a long way to go before this network proves it's worth anyone's time, but these numbers are promising, especially for you members of the fairer sex who might have been a bit apprehensive about jumping into the pool. [All Things D]

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