Tivoli Audio Model 10: Yes, A Clock Radio Can Be Awesome

Tivoli Audio Model 10: Yes, A Clock Radio Can Be Awesome

You might just think of FM radio as that thing you turn on when you forget to bring your iPod (or phone) in the car. Most of the music sucks, right? So why buy one? This is why.


The Tivoli Model 10 is a gorgeous thing to put in your home. Or anywhere. The Model 10 also sounds – for its size – terrific. There’s only a single large, clicky button on top, which serves quadruple duty for power, tuning, snoozing and menu navigation. So the 8-inch form is minimal, but the sound it pours out isn’t. I was able to fill my bedroom with loud, clear music, supported by thuddy bass. I happen to love the spontaneity of radio (NPR! Jazz! Rap DJs!), but if you don’t, there are auxiliary inputs.

No Like

It’s a $US200 radio – $US300 if you want a second, stereo unit. That’s is a lot of money to pay for a clock radio, even if it can pull double duty as a powerful, portable external speaker. The Model 10’s interface minimalism is also pushed to a fault – it looks great, but if you’re not using (or lose) the remote, it’s a pain. I found myself accidentally switching sources when I meant to power off, turning down the volume when I meant to change stations, and other tactile slipups. You’ll find yourself wishing for some extra knobs to twist. [Tivoli]