The P-Tree Is Just Begging For You To Pee In It

You're out with your friends one night. Tipsy. Falling asleep at the bar. Good times. You're on your way home when, suddenly, nature calls. In your drunken stupor you wish there was a urinal on the tree you're already peeing on. Et voilà! A toilet for drunks!

AANDEBOOM, a Dutch design studio, created the P-Tree to address the whole "peeing on public property" problem afflicting modern society. The urinal itself it tied to a tree and hooks into a tank or central sewage system. It even flushes! All our problems are solved. Every metropolitan area needs this!

At least until your city starts smelling like one huge toilet. Or they get vandalised. Or they fall into disrepair. And that's after it somehow becomes OK for drunk dudes to whip it out in the street. Not cool. [Dezeen via FastCo Design]

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