The NBN Has Been Hacked By 'Evil'! Err, No.

By now, you've likely heard of the 25 year old truck driver arrested by Federal cops for allegedly hacking into Platform Networks, an ISP which has signed on for (but not yet begun) NBN trials. "The NBN has been breached!" cried the TV news, and today the frustrated NBN Co boss slammed the reports: "The incident yesterday related to a commercial customer of NBN Co that has not yet connected services over the NBN." For real! And Gizmodo was on Sunrise to explain just that. Video!

I want to be very clear if I can with you listeners; the NBN was not hacked. It has not been compromised. It hasn't been placed at risks and our security hasn't been breached. So each one of these headlines is wrong.

NBN Co CEO, Mike Quigley, went on to name names... specifically singling out reports on Sky News, the ABC, Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, and the Australian as "provocative" and ill-informed. [Full interview at ABC]


    The main stream media not checking their facts??
    Who woulda thunk it?

    Nothing new here - move along..

      Unfortunate how scary that is though.

      The amount of misinformation the media pulls out and people lap up is astounding.

        Yet they call this country a democracy. How can you have a democracy when people aren't told the facts?

          That's a logic fail of monumental proportions. Media freedom (and the right to make sloppy fact checking) is part of a democratic society.

      why check when your motivation is to influence not inform?

        + a billion

        Damn straight.
        + another billion!

    love how all of the 'current affairs' and news programs seem to have no idea about anything vaguely tech/internetty.... theyre also more often than not months behind with 'amazing new products' etc.... keeping the masses dumb

      Unfortunately, it seems to be a vicious cycle.
      Ignorant masses can't understand anything other than ignorant TV shows.
      So they keep the shows dumbed down to suit the dumb masses.
      The dumb masses are too dumb to know that the TV show is dumbed down and believe everything they get fed and want more of the same.
      Amply provided by shows such as sunrise, A current Affair, master chef and big fat looser. etc etc etc.

    Does Seamus have a residency on Sunrise now?

      I would say ever since he gave the religious dude a serving about banning the r18 rating, channel seven saw him as a reliable source for info.

        I hope so, couldnt hurt to have one of the good guys on record for once.

    What is it with the video "Sorry, but this video is no longer available"? I note there was no problem playing the ad first...

    Just when you think the state of the media couldn't sink any lower.

    It amazes me how many previously-reputable news companies are so eager to dive headlong into the mud.

      Though in all fairness - now that the video is back - I see the AFP are just as much to blame, for stating outright that it was an "attack on the National Broadband Network".

      No excuse for the media not checking their facts though.

    From memeory the radio reports read all day "A 25 year old truck driver was arrested after hacking into the NBN, he had complete control for 6 weeks".

    lol Complete Control! Launch nukes!

    I remember thinking the same thing when I read about it.

    "The biggest hack ever to be commited in Australia!"

    Then they state how he only hacked into an ISP, and all of the rest was just potential.

    So he never even did anything to the NBN, only the ISP.

    Atleast, from what I gathered from that article.

    Bullshit news, gotta research it for yourself these days, from multiple sources.

    So many bias and false statements and opinions.

    's'all bs!

    Looks like they got the hacker's name "evil" mixed up as a description of the crime, by the looks of the text in the pic.

    hmm was there really a need to have 12+ AFP invade a hackers house.Did they think he had an ak tucked awhile waiting for them lol Could have just rocked up with a warrant and asked him to come to the station

    Hey that's two TV appearances for Gizmodo in one week is it not? (not that we're keeping score or anything) I'd say well done!

    The fact that Tony Abbott is in the same camp as Mad Lord Monkton, and may well be this country's next PM, tells you everything you need to know about the current state of media, politics, public gullibility, etc etc.

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