The Man Who Has Every PS2 Game In America

The Man Who Has Every PS2 Game In America

Ahans76, a PlayStation collector, is apparently more of a PlayStation collector than most, because he claims to now be in possession of every single North American PS2 game ever released.

Having picked up a console on its launch day back in 2000, he began his collection with Ridge Racer 5. In the beginning, he simply began collecting the games as a hobby, never intending to get every game, but once he hit 400 and discovered he was halfway there, he decided to go all out.

If you’re wondering about the specifics of the collection, they are as follows:

– Every game is new and sealed.

– Every game is a first release. The only “Greatest Hits” games he has are those with extra content not found in the original release.

– He only claims to have every NTSC game from North America, so anything released only in Japan or PAL markets, he doesn’t have.

You can see more pics of Ahans76’s collection below.

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