The iPad Apps Everyone Should Have June 2011

The iPad Apps Everyone Should Have June 2011

Is the shine of your new iPad 2 gone yet? Hope not! An app from our list of best iPad apps should make it brand new all over again. Which apps were the best in June? Here they are.


Tiny Tower: A free 8-bit style game that lets you channel your inner landlord. You build floors on a tower to attract “bitizens” to live in it and then control their lives (manage, hire, give a job, evict). It’s like SimCity but actually fun.[imgclear]

Snapseed: Snapseed is a photo editor for the iPad with clever controls and snazzy textures and filters. The coolest part about Snapseed is how you use it though. You just select the effect or adjustment you want to make from the bottom bar and then cycle through the options with a vertical swipe and adjust your settings with a horizontal swipe. $5.99.[imgclear]

Wacom Bamboo Paper: It’s an iPad app that turns your iPad into a digital notebook (or sketchpad). Even without Wacom’s Bamboo stylus, your finger is perfectly suited for writing—it really does feel like ink is bleeding from your fingers (or stylus). Free, until June 30.[imgclear]

Blogsy: It’s a blogging tool for your iPad. Which means, it can replace your blog backend when you’re on the iPad. Why would you do that? Because Blogsy makes all the html formatting you need for blogging—bolding, italicizing, linking and even adding pictures—a lot more iPad friendly. $5.99.[imgclear]



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