The Greatest Photo Ever Taken With A Blackberry

The Greatest Photo Ever Taken With A Blackberry

I’m biased, but this bald eagle photo my stepmother took this morning is basically the greatest phonecam picture ever taken. Check out that depth of field! But there’s a trick to it, and it aint’ Photoshop.

She took the photo using a BlackBerry Tour 9630, which has a measly 3.2MP camera with 2x digital zoom. So how do you get a shot like this with a camera like that? Ingenuity.

The trick is another piece of gear. Obviously you can’t hook a telephoto up to a Blackberry, but you can put it behind a telescope. In this case, she set up a Bushnell Spacemaster 15-45x spotting scope and set it at 25x magnification. That’s why you get the shallow depth of field and amazing detail on the bird.

Here’s another shot pulled back a bit so you can see the vignetting in the spotting scope:


And you thought parents couldn’t make technology happen!

Photo: Anmarie Barrie Honan