Stick An SLR Lens On Your iPhone 4 For Delicious Diminishing Returns

The iPhone 4's camera is already pretty stellar (given its size), but what's it lacking? A bigger, better image sensor, and a more sophisticated lens. How about a giant, possibly-superfluous SLR lens? OK, why not!

The SLR Mount, available in both Canon EOS and Nikon SLR flavours, isn't going to imbue your phone with some sparkling new pixels, faster processing, or a less noisy sensor, but it'll grant you manual focus, zoom and nifty depth of field powers. Is carrying a mammoth lens with your small smartphone practical, or worthwhile? You'll have to be the judge of that - but whipping out a telephoto lens and sticking it onto your iPhone would be a photogeek fatality of Mortal Kombat proportions. BOKEH HIM. [Photojojo via Engadget]

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