Shooting Challenge: 8 Creative Self Portraits

Shooting Challenge: 8 Creative Self Portraits

In this week’s shooting challenge, we get to put faces to some regular names, and we certainly are a handsome bunch. Or maybe only the good-looking submitted entries! You be the judge.

Tom Tramonte

I used a Nikon D7000. I took 2 photos, one using my 50mm 1.4G lens and the other with a 18-105mm 3.5 lens. Both photos I used a SB-600 speedlite for some added lighting effects.
Basically I saw the challenge and thought “yep, this one i’ll enter, and i may aswell have some fun with it too”. I know it’s not the best photoshop job but i figured it was funny. Settings i used were normal for just shooting in my bedroom. Considering i had 2 flashes going i didn’t feel the need for playing with the settings too greatly.

Brent Green

I shot this with a Nikon D90 and Tokina 11-16mm 2.8f on a tripod. Three individual shots were combined using Photoshop.

As part of a 365 day self portrait project, I sometimes enjoy fabricating a story involving clones. Here I am making a gourmet dinner for the three of us.

Although not part of the contest, you may enjoy seeing some of the more active clone shots in my collection.

Mark Burban

taken with canon 5dii & sigma 20mm f/1.8 lens. shot 1/125 @ f/5.6, ISO800. Lit with a wireless 580exii flash in softbox on lightstand to the right (1/4 power setting)

This self portrait was taken in my studio. I decided to play with my reflection in a IR bulb that i had recently acquired & have been planning to use for a creative purpose. The photos on the wall are a collection from a recent trip to vietnam that I have been sorting thru for an up-coming exhibtion. The is the most ‘me’ space i inhabit so i felt it best to take my portrait here.

Narelle Jenkins

The photo was taken with an iPhone 4 using the alphabet setting in the Camera Fun app and cropped and filtered with the Camera+ app to adjust contrast and hue. I was looking for something else for another shot and discovered the alphabet setting by accident but I really like the way it represents my (online) life. I feel like 99% of my time relies on the internet, coding, programs, information and data so it fits nicely as a self portrait.

Sam Dussin

i hate being in front of the camera. so it was a challenge for me to find take a self portrait without really being in front of the camera. this is a reflection on the windows at the wagga civic theatre on a gorgeous day where the reflections were as good as looking at the real thing… the birds in the image are actually stickers on the windows.

Canon 550D; ISO1000, 20mm, f/10, 1/800. fiddled with the highlights and shadows in photoshop.

Hayden Shepherd

Canon 50d
50mm F/1.8 ii
ISO 100, 1/50 @ F11
2 x 430ex ii flashes
IR Flash trigger, Cheap RF camera trigger

I took this shot while mostly drunk and browsing the net. Oh no! A shooting challenge which has been neglected! Grabbed a flash and reflected it off a silver umbrella from 45/45, the other was at my heels pointed at the wall. Triggered the shutter with a remote release placed under my big toe (as both hands were busy holding my beer).

Mitch Swan

What can I say, I spend too much time in meetings these days.

Went into the office after hours and took a few pics of the same scene with me in different seats, lots of photoshop afterwards. I took this in aperture priority mode at f8 but if I was going to do it again I would have gone full manual to ensure all the exposures were identical.


Jacob Penno

F5 using my Nikon D3100, AFS Nikkor 18-55mm lens Again.. on my Velbon tripod in my lounge room today after seeing my photo in the latest news feed on the website! Pretty stoked and proud to see my photo on the gizmodo home page!! 😀 😀