Roundup: Everything Apple Got Up To Overnight

As you may have heard, Apple were busy little bees last night. New this morning: Upgraded MacBook Airs and Mac Minis, a new Thunderbolt-equipped 27-inch Cinema Display, and Mac OS X Lion got set free.

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You Can Download OS X Lion Right Now Before you suck down the $32, 3.5GB download, consider doing it off-peak. And if you’re on iiNet — heads up that the Mac App Store is outside the Free Zone. If you live out in the sticks: Apple Will Sell You Lion On A USB Thumb Drive For $75 (What the hell?). More: Gizmodo's OS X Lion Survival Guide.

MacBook Airs Get Hit With A Thunderbolt Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge i5 and i7 chips, and backlit keyboards. Sleek and powerful, or overpriced netbook? You be the judge.

Mac Mini Line Padded Out With Three Thunderbolt-Packin’ Models The aluminium unibody continues, while inside the base level begins with a Sandy Bridge 2.3Ghz processor and $699 price tag.

Apple’s 27-Inch Thunderbolt Display: Just Like The Last One But You Know, Better Now you can daisy-chain displays together or connect Thunderbolt accessories, like a hard disk, to it.

The Little Plastic MacBook Is Dead Apple stopped loving the MacBook a long time ago, but now it's official. It just got killed by the new MacBook Airs. We salute you for your service!

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