Prototype iPhone 4 Selling On eBay For $US1500

A prototype iPhone 4 similar to, ahem, a model that turned up last year has appeared on eBay, with the seller Jtmaxo claiming to be a licensed mobile phone repairman who was sold the iPhone for parts.

Given the iPhone won't connect to a network nor appear in iTunes, it's not looking like the best upgrade model if you've been thinking about a cheeky eBay purchase. In fact, the seller recommends it be used for spare parts, or for the simple glory of owning an iPhone 4 prototype that should never have left Cupertino.

As it won't actually work properly, the seller hasn't been able to ascertain if it functions any differently from retail models, but aesthetically it appears to be the same, save for the missing + and - symbols on the volume keys.

Bidding is currently at $US1525 with over seven days to go. [eBay via @Pytey via This Is My Next]

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