Pixeet's Fisheye Lens Shoots 360-Degree Photos On iPhone

There are dozens of strap-on fisheye lenses that you can buy nowadays for iPhones. Blame it on Lomography and Hipstamatic, perhaps. Pixeet's goes a step further though, letting you shoot full 360-degree panoramas with the camera lens and free app.

It works by taking four photos with the iPhone's camera, which are then stitched together with the app, creating that 360-degree panorama which your Facebook profile has (probably not) been crying out for. You can see several examples of the panoramas created, here.

Costing $US49 for the camera lens and case to hold the lens in place, the app is only available for the iPhone for now, but Pixeet is readying an Android app which will be out in September. [Pixeet]

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