MasterChef's Mat An iPhone Guy, 'Angry Birds Pisses Me Off'

The phone that got MasterChef's resident goth, Mat Beyer, booted from the show? A 32GB iPhone 3GS! And was Angry Birds his game of choice when not contacting his girlfriend for emotional support? Nope, Plants vs. Zombies, of course!

The fabulous Jess over at Gizmodo's sister site, PopSugar, just got off the phone with Mat. Her full interview: Mat Beyer Didn't Want To Turn Into A MasterChef Sob Story.

Via Jess, Giz managed to sneak in a question about rumours he was using the iPhone to play Angry Birds. "That’s not true! Plants vs. Zombies. And Doodle Jump. I don’t like Angry Birds, it really pisses me off. It’s really frustrating."

Mat also explained that hiding a smuggled phone for six weeks wasn't hard, and even he is clueless on how the producers found out. "SMS or call me and let me know, or leave a comment on my blog, that’d be great.” [PopSugar]

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