Magical Anti-Smoking Vaccine Sounds Awesome, Doesn't Exist

NixVAX was supposed to be this magical vaccine that helped smokers kick the habit. Awesome, right? Yeah! Too bad it doesn't work. In testing NicVAX, researchers found that it performed no different than a placebo. As in, it did nothing.

NicVAX, a nicotine conjugate vaccine, is supposed to train a smoker's immune system to create antibodies that'll attach themselves to nicotine. According to the AP, "the goal is to prevent the nicotine molecules from reaching the brain so people can quit smoking and not start again." I imagine that NicVAX is trying to make it so there's no difference between smoking and not smoking. Which all sounds good!

But in a late-stage trial, the vaccine created by Nabi Biopharmaceuticals only helped about 11 per cent of smokers quit. That's the same quit rate for smokers who received a placebo instead of NicVAX. Which means, that shit don't work. Smokers, it's hard to quit. Don't rely on a magical pill that over-promises and under-delivers to help get you there. Stop now, on your own. [AP]

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