Mac App Store Also Now Cheaper For Aussies

We knew something was up when Apple said OS X Lion would be just $31.99 in Australia. Was a price restructure on the way? Hell yes — and it's now also in full effect on the Mac App Store. For instance, Final Cut Pro X now costs $319.99 instead of $349.99. The US price remains $299.99. Factor in 10% for the GST, and we're actually now 10 bucks ahead.

As with new iOS App Store prices, it looks like the difference between Australian and US pricing gets higher the more you pay: $5+ (50c more than the US), $10+ ($1 more), $20+ ($2 more), $50+ ($5), $100+ ($10), $200+ ($20), etc.

Props to Nick for calling it back in June, though: Does OS X Lion Signal A Sign Of Better App Pricing For Australians?

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