LoveBots For iPad: Design Your Own Robot

There's something about the nuts, bolts, screws, metal and clanks of robots that fascinate everybody. With LoveBots you can go wonky and wild designing your own bot anyway you want. Manbot? Sexbot? Classicbot? Crazybot? You betcha.

What's it do?

It's an app that gives you templates to create your own robot. You get to choose head shapes to torso designs to chest plates and accessories and more. There's literally an endless amount of combinations because there are more than 15 different designs for each body, er, robot part with around 20 different colours per design. No two robots will look the same. You can send your designs to Twitter, Facebook, email or save them (sadly, no prints).

Why do we like it?

Think of it like creating robot art. And not just any robot art but good robot art. And you don't even have to actually design anything yourself! It's the perfect app for children (or adults with a child-like soul) because it's creative without being complicated. The app layout is a cinch to use, just options laid out on the right side and a bottom bar to select from. Sure, there's no 'true' purpose to this app (since there's no print options) but it's endless fun mixing and matching body parts to create your own robo-Frankenstein.


Download this app for:

The Best

Stupid fun

The Worst

Wish I could order prints

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